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Teeth after whitening

Whether you are a student or a teacher, starting a new school year can bring forth a lot of anxiety. How will classes go this year? Will the other students and teachers like you? What will you wear on the first day?

Everyone wants to make a good impression on others. How others perceive you plays a huge role in how you feel about yourself. Your smile is your greatest accessory. It tells everyone a lot about you. A beautiful smile exudes confidence, friendliness, and it draws others to you. However, if you are embarrassed by your smile and withhold it, you undoubtedly give off the wrong impression.

Professional teeth whitening can go a long way in building up your confidence because it helps create a beautifully bright smile that you are proud to show off. As the most sought-after cosmetic dental procedure, a teeth whitening treatment can instantly enhance your appearance and build your self-esteem. Many older adults find that they look years younger than they really are by whitening their smiles and removing years of discoloration.

Extend Your Whitening Results

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that offers outstanding results. It is both affordable and convenient, making it an excellent option for most people. However, teeth whitening does not provide permanent results. Over time, the teeth will revert to their dull hues. Avoiding stain-causing foods and beverages will help you extend your whitening results. Coffee, tea, soda, and alcohol are notorious for causing discoloration of the teeth. Dark berries and acidic foods can also discolor the teeth. By avoiding these culprits, you can get a longer return on your cosmetic teeth whitening.

Another factor that contributes to dingy teeth is poor oral hygiene. When dental plaque, oral bacteria, and food debris are allowed to accumulate on your tooth surfaces, your smile will become dull and discolored. Maintaining a diligent flossing and brushing routine and visiting the dentist every six months will keep your mouth healthy and your teeth looking their best.

At ConfiDenT, we can help you achieve a beautifully white smile. We can also help you adjust your lifestyle habits so that you can extend your whitening results. Make a great impression this year by scheduling a teeth whitening appointment today.

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