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Are you experiencing complications with your dental implants? Failing dental implants can lead to gum disease, pain, discoloration and inflammation. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is crucial you get professional dental treatment right away. Laser-Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure (LAPIP) dental implant restoration can help relieve these symptoms to improve your oral health.

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How LAPIP Protocol Works

LAPIP laser dental implant restoration works to stimulate new gum and bone growth while reducing bacteria and infections. During the minimally invasive procedure, a laser fiber as wide as three human hairs eliminates infected gum tissue without disturbing the implant or damaging any healthy tissue nearby. During the healing process, new gum and bone growth attach to the implant to secure it in place. The procedure can be done in one office visit and offers a fast recovery time and lasting results. After the treatment, you may receive medications and instructions to help with the recovery process for a quick and successful outcome.


Benefits of LAPIP Laser Dental Implant Restoration

LAPIP laser dental implant restoration can provide numerous benefits for individuals. This procedure can help stop bone loss to restore and reinforce stability around implants. The affected area is deeply cleaned and sanitized by the laser light. This can improve the longevity and function of the implants and lower the risk of health complications from oral bacteria. With no incisions or sutures, there is less swelling and discomfort than in other types of dental implant treatments. With LAPIP laser dental implant restoration, you can return to your normal daily activities after 24 hours, unlike other dental surgical treatments that can take up to four weeks for recovery.

Interested in LAPIP Laser Dental Implant Restoration?

Dental implants can fail for a variety of reasons but can easily be treated to protect your oral health. LAPIP laser dental implant restoration is a highly effective solution, especially for those individuals who may not qualify for other treatments because of medical issues. The friendly team of dental professionals at ConfiDENT can help you discover the right dental treatment options to suit your needs for a happy and healthy smile. To discover if you are an ideal candidate, book an appointment for LAPIP laser dental implant restoration today.

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