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At ConfiDENT, we pursue the latest treatments in modern dentistry. When it comes to replacing a full arch of missing teeth, the All-on-X dental implant system ranks superior to other denture designs. All-on-X dental implants address the common drawbacks that traditional dentures often produce. Since removable dentures rest on the gums with adhesives, they often slip out of place or need frequent adjustments to stay comfortably in place. The All-on-X treatment concept permanently solves the disruptions of ill-fitting dentures.

For many reasons, All-on-X implants are considered one of the most innovative options in implant dentistry. Using 5-8 dental implants, our dentists can secure an entire arch of prosthetic teeth (full dentures). Allowing patients to gain a more natural feel and greater stability with their dentures. Not only can you eat, speak and laugh with confidence, but you can avoid the inconvenience of using adhesive creams or restricting your diet to softer foods. The All-on-X implant system takes overdentures to a new and improved level!

The All-on-X Treatment Concept

We utilize the “All on X” technique, which means we typically place 6 or more dental implants. Our goal is to have the most predictable, long-term success as possible. Many offices that offer cheaper options will offer patients to place 4 implants, the bare minimum. Meaning if something happens to one of those implants over time, the entire prosthesis would fail. At ConfiDENT, we prefer to over-engineer rather than do the bare minimum. In a scenario where an implant has a problem, a prosthesis supported by more than four implants can still be maintained and supported predictably.

Compared to a traditional dental implant, the All-on-X model involves a unique design and angled placement of the implant, which means that less jawbone structure is needed to support the implant. This makes All-on-X implant dentures an ideal solution for patients who have experienced bone loss or for those that want an immediate smile restoration after missing teeth. In fact, the All-on-X system allows Dr. Cesar Tapia to provide your immediate dentures in just one day. This means the patient walks into our office with no teeth or whatever natural teeth they had during their consultation, and they walk out with temporary teeth that are attached to the implants that we placed the same day! We want our patients to go home with a confident smile, regardless of what your teeth looked like when you arrived.

When it comes to restoring your smile after missing teeth, our dentists take extra measures to ensure your experience with us is exceptional. To learn if you are a candidate for All-on-X implant dentures, contact our Alpharetta office today.

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