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Custom Dental Appliances

SprintRay Pro CureMouthguards, retainers, aligners and other dental appliances can take days or weeks to complete using traditional manufacturing methods. ConfiDENT uses 3D printing to cut that time down so you can get your custom-made dental appliance in just one visit. 3D printing allows your dentist to offer more accurate and efficient service for a variety of dental procedures.
Mouthguards are used to protect your teeth during sports and also to curb bruxism, or teeth grinding, at night. Traditional methods of manufacturing custom-made mouthguards meant taking impressions and sending them to the dental lab. With 3D printing, your mouthguard is constructed right in the office, and you can take it home with you.

Efficient and Accurate

RayWare dental 3D printing software3D printing not only allows your dentist to provide faster service for certain appliances but it also allows for more accurate replication of your oral structures. Traditional models are time-consuming to make. They require alginate impressions to be made, which are messy and unpleasant for the patient. The resulting model might not be as accurate as hoped. This means taking another messy alginate impression. With 3D printing, the results are fast, efficient and very accurate.

SprintRay Pro Wash/DryYour dentist can print out aligners, retainers, temporaries and even dentures with the 3D printer. This new technology saves you money and time with its efficiency and convenience. No more waiting for your dental models to be sent to the lab so the appliance can be manufactured and sent back to the dentist. With computer-aided design software, your dentist digitally constructs your appliance and prints the finished product. Your dental appliance is constructed, fitted and placed in only one visit.

Make a call to ConfiDENT to schedule an appointment for more information about our 3D printing and how you can get your dental appliance in just one day.

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