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At ConfiDENT, we consider it a privilege to care for your child’s growing smile. We realize the serious effects of tooth decay in pediatric patients and want to do everything we can to protect young teeth from harm. One of the best dental treatments we offer for kids is dental sealants. Applying tooth sealants is an easy, painless and cost-effective procedure to protect cavity-prone teeth and preserve your child’s oral health.

Decay begins when food debris and plaque accumulate on the hard to reach surfaces of your child’s smile. Most commonly, this involves the back molars of pediatric patients. Dental sealants add an extra layer of protection on the chewing surfaces of these back teeth in order to avoid tooth damage such as dental caries or decay. While sealants are highly effective, they are not foolproof. We make it a priority to educate children on the importance of smart dietary choices and strong dental hygiene for cavity prevention.

Protect Your Child from Cavities with Teeth Sealing

Teeth sealing is not only affordable, but it can be done in minutes without the need for anesthetics. The thin plastic material is gently applied to coat the surfaces of the back teeth. Next, a special curing light is used to harden the sealant material for superior strength and protection. After just minutes, your child’s teeth are equipped to “seal out” harmful bacteria and sugars that commonly attack young teeth.

Does your child need sealants? Our dentists typically recommend sealants at certain stages of dental development or for children who experience frequent cavities. In some cases, teeth sealing can be beneficial for adults too! Contact our office today to learn more about dental sealants at ConfiDENT. We value the importance of protecting your smile health throughout all stages of life.

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