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Dental implants have gained popularity over the past decade, giving people back their confident smiles. Often, missing teeth, periodontal disease and other factors cause bone loss resulting in the need to increase bone density prior to dental implants. For some patients, this may require a sinus lift, offered at ConfiDENT in Alpharetta, GA.

What Is a Sinus Lift?

One of the most common areas for bone loss is the upper back jaw. Without sufficient bone density, it is difficult to place a dental implant. The sinus cavities are located directly above the upper jawbone. A sinus lift, or sinus augmentation, is a procedure used to increase the bone density in the upper jawbone that separates the mouth and sinuses.

Commonly during a sinus lift procedure, a small incision is made into the gum, and a small circle of bone is removed. That bony piece is lifted into the sinus cavity to raise the membrane. Then bone graft materials are applied, and the gum tissue is sutured together to allow the bone to heal.

What Should You Expect After a Sinus Lift?

Discomfort is usually minimal after a sinus lift procedure. There may be some swelling or slight bleeding from the nose or mouth for a few days. As with all surgeries, there is always the potential for infection or other complications. Call immediately if:

  • Swelling or pain increases after the first few days
  • Bleeding increases or is bright red
  • You feel the graft dislodge after sneezing or blowing your nose
  • You have a fever

It can require a minimum of six months of healing after the sinus lift procedure before implant surgery can be performed. Don’t be discouraged by the delay. The results with be worth the time invested.

If you have missing upper teeth with bone loss, a sinus lift procedure may be an option to increase bone density in your upper jawbone to allow for dental implants. To learn more about our sinus lift procedure for dental implants, contact us at ConfiDENT in Alpharetta, GA, to schedule your appointment.

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