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Healthy Drinks Alpharetta GA

When it comes to making healthy choices, many people choose to focus on limiting carbs or fats or desserts. However, when it comes to healthy options, what you drink matters, too.

Soft drinks are among the most popular drink choices throughout the world. Each year, billions of soft drinks are consumed in America alone. These tasty beverages are found at restaurants, gas stations, and in homes in every state. While these beverages taste good, no question, they are not good for you. One 8-ounce serving of a regular soft drink has the equivalent of the recommended sugar limit for an entire day! Consuming a high amount of sugar in your beverages will make it hard to maintain your ideal weight, and it will make it difficult to achieve a healthy smile.

Each day there are millions of bacteria living inside your mouth. These oral bacteria are present to help break down particles left behind after eating and drinking. While they are beneficial, they can also become extremely damaging when there is high sugar consumption. Oral bacteria are incredibly attracted to sugar, and they create high amounts of acid to break these sugar particles down. When acids and tooth enamel meet, erosion and cavities can occur quickly. Soft drinks not only contain high amounts of sugar, but they also contain their own acidity, making them even worse for your teeth! However, soft drinks are not the only bad option when it comes to beverages. Juice, sweetened tea, and sweetened coffee can also lead to unwanted oral damage.

Water is the best option when it comes to choosing what to drink. Water has nothing in it that will cause damage to your teeth or your overall health. Yet, it is not always the preferred drink to accompany pizza or popcorn or a favorite meal. When you do choose a sugary beverage, it is important to rinse your mouth after you finish eating and drinking, and you must remember to brush and floss your teeth daily.

At ConfiDENT, our entire staff is committed to helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. We encourage you to choose healthy options!

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