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Same day Crowns procedure at ConfiDent in Alpharetta, CA.

If you have ever received a traditional dental crown, you know the frustration of this process. Dental crowns can require multiple visits, uncomfortable impressions, wearing a temporary crown, and often, poor fitting results. At ConfiDENT, we have eliminated this frustration by investing in CEREC’s advanced dental technology that allows us to create same-day crowns at our facility in Alpharetta, GA.

What Is CEREC?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic or CEREC is high-tech dental equipment and software that allows us to create same-day crowns and other restorations. CEREC technology uses 3D imaging to create a design or digital mold of the tooth. Traditional crowns require the patient to bite down on a goopy, uncomfortable mold to create an impression. CEREC uses a non-invasive 3D image to create a perfect digital impression.

CEREC is not only 3D imaging but a complete dental restoration system. It includes advanced software and a milling machine where we make the new crown in-house. Traditional crown impressions are used to make a temporary crown for the tooth and sent to a dental lab to create a crown. We do not need to create temporary crowns – our CEREC system can create a permanent, high-quality, beautiful dental crown at our office in just a few hours.

Why You Should Choose Same-Day Crowns

Your time and comfort are important to us at ConfiDENT, which is why we recommend same-day dental crowns for all our patients needing a tooth restoration. Traditional dental crown treatments are time-consuming and uncomfortable. Patients must endure making the physical impression and fitting the crown on the tooth multiple times. The temporary crowns can fall off during the weeks of waiting for the permanent crown. Plus, it is not guaranteed that the permanent crown will fit correctly – you may need another one made, requiring subsequent impressions and more waiting.

With CEREC same-day crowns, this annoying process is streamlined. Since we complete the entire process in one visit, you will not need to come in for multiple appointments. We can ensure the crown fits perfectly before you leave, saving you weeks of waiting. Some of the other benefits of our same-day crowns include:

  • Natural-appearing dental crowns
  • High-quality crown materials
  • One visit to complete your tooth restoration
  • No risk of wearing a flimsy temporary crown
  • Improved fit and functionality

Once you experience a CEREC same-day tooth restoration, you will never want a traditional dental crown again. We also provide same-day dental bridges and veneers using our advanced CEREC system.

Same-Day Dental Crowns in Alpharetta, GA

If you have a broken or damaged tooth that needs a dental crown, give yourself the gift of a same-day crown from ConfiDENT. Our talented dentist and dental team can create a beautiful, functional, lasting dental crown in just one visit. Call our office in Alpharetta, GA, at (770) 772-0994, or contact us online to schedule your same-day dental crown appointment.

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