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Romexis tool
Romexis® Smile Design by Planmeca is the most advanced dental imaging software that is used to modify the appearance of the teeth in a realistic manner. Not only does it help to show you how your teeth could look, but it helps dentists to pick the correct treatment options for you. It has revolutionized the way dentists communicate with clients.

Dental Imaging

With a photo of your face, it only takes a dentist a few minutes to perfect your smile using Romexis Smile Design software. The software uses advanced smart algorithms to help the dentist adjust the position, shape and dimensions of each tooth to achieve the optimum look and fit. You’ll be able to see exactly how your teeth could look with treatments such as chipped tooth repair, dental implants, teeth straightening and tooth whitening treatments. You’ll be able to see a before and after comparison of how your teeth could look compared to how they currently look. You will also be actively involved in the design of your new smile. It is much more than a touched-up photo, as the software is designed specifically to give realistic expectations based on realistic treatments that are available to you.

With the addition of Planmeca ProMax 3D Imaging, dentists can also take ultra-high-definition 3D images to get a better picture of the health of the teeth and gums, including screening for oral cancer. It is designed to be more comfortable than traditional imaging technologies. Even if you struggle to stay still, advanced algorithms eliminate imaging errors. The ProMax 3D is the most efficient imaging tool available, and it is also the safest, with extremely low levels of radiation exposure.

Advanced Treatment

Once you are happy with the way your future smile will look, the software makes a range of specific measurements. As well as measurements, the images can be converted into a 3D CAD/CAM model, allowing the dentist to have access to a 3-dimensional map of your mouth. The 3D model can also be physically recreated with 3D printers. These measurements and 3D models are used by dentists and specialists to prepare your optimum treatment for the perfect smile.

If you’d like to see how your smile could look with the most advanced dental imaging software and learn which treatments are required to achieve the perfect smile, contact ConfiDENT today. Click here to book an appointment or call us at (770) 772-0994.

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