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A beautiful smile is one of the most exceptional accessories a person can wear. A charming, white smile gives off the impression of confidence and tells others that you care about yourself. Maintaining a healthy smile is something that takes a lifetime commitment through regular dental appointments and good oral hygiene. For those who work hard to maintain a healthy smile, it can be devastating to visit the dentist and learn that a cavity has formed in a tooth. Cavities can occur for many different reasons, not all of which have to do with poor oral hygiene. In order to take care of the issue and promote the health of your entire smile, you must have a cavity taken care of. Yet, many people with a beautiful smile are worried about how fillings will affect their pearly whites. The good news is, no one ever has to know!

ConfiDENT is proud to offer patients white fillings (also called “tooth-colored fillings”), so they can keep their smiles beautiful without feeling embarrassed by dark gray fillings in their teeth. White fillings allow patients to restore their smile with the natural appearance of the tooth structure, and they are perfect for almost anyone.

Advantages of white colored fillings are numerous, and below are some of the most favorable benefits:

  • White fillings are incredibly strong, and they can restore the tooth to approximately 90% of its original strength
  • White fillings form a chemical bond with the tooth enamel so that they can stay in place for life
  • White fillings harden very quickly with the use of a curing light, making them an immediate restorative option
  • White fillings can be color-matched with the natural teeth
  • White fillings can be used on the front and back teeth. Because they are color-matched, they do not interfere with the aesthetics of the smile.

To learn more about white fillings, please contact ConfiDENT today. We look forward to restoring your smile in health and beauty.

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