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Child at Dental Checkup

Since the pandemic, many children have been learning at home. Now that things have opened up again, kids are going back into the classroom, although some parents are choosing to continue to homeschool their kids. Either way, homeschool or in the classroom, now is a good time for the back-to-school dental checkup.

An Ounce of Prevention

Preventive dental care is cost-effective and time-saving. In regard to children, preventive care also helps build a firm foundation for lifelong attention to good oral health. Getting children used to regular checkups not only helps them get used to going to the dentist and helps alleviate fear of the dental office, it also helps build the desire for keeping their teeth in good condition.

When kids learn to take care of their teeth in their early years, they form good habits that will serve them well into their adult years. They learn to brush and floss correctly, which minimizes the opportunity for cavities and gingivitis to develop. This, combined with a healthy diet, will help ensure the best chance of your child maintaining optimal oral health.

Regular checkups for kids serve many purposes. In addition to promoting good oral health, the annual checkup provides the dentist with a base line to monitor growth and development of oral structures. This helps with identifying potential issues in their earliest stages. For example, the dentist can often tell if a child will need braces later. Occasionally, early interventions can eliminate the need for braces. The dentist can also help lower the incidence of cavities in molars by applying sealants.

Dental Sealants for Cavity Reduction

When permanent teeth erupt, the back teeth usually have deep grooves and fissures or pits that can harbor harmful bacteria, which can lead to the development of cavities. Dental sealants provide a barrier so that the tooth enamel is protected. Although sealants are usually placed on newly erupted molars, they can also be used on primary teeth.

Dental sealants are a type of resin that is placed on the surface of the teeth. The substance fills in the grooves and fissures and coats the surface of the teeth. Sealants can last for years, although they do wear down and more sealants may need to be applied at a later date.

For many households, the start of a new school year is the time for the annual dental checkup. Regardless of whether your child’s school requires it or not, or if you are homeschooling, a back-to-school dental exam is a good way to ensure that your child is starting the school year with a healthy mouth.

Contact ConfiDenT to schedule your child’s appointment. Ask about dental sealants and let us help your child maintain optimal oral health.

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