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Root Canal Therapy Alpharetta GA

An infected tooth is one of the most excruciating things you may ever experience. When infection penetrates the inner chambers of a tooth, constant and unbearable pain will be experienced because deep inside the tooth are where the sensitive nerves reside. Not only will you experience extreme pain, but you are also at risk of losing your tooth. Infection inside the mouth can quickly spread, and because each tooth is an individual living feature, once the infection spreads your entire smile is compromised.

In order to save the tooth and alleviate your pain, a root canal needs to be performed. Before you start listing the reasons why you would put off having root canal therapy, you need to understand that root canals are actually painless procedures. Root canal therapy gets a bad rap when it is actually what relieves pain and saves your tooth.

Infected Teeth are Painful

Root canal therapy is the procedure done to bring patients out of pain and restore the tooth’s health. Because an infected tooth is so painful, people wrongly associate the problem for the cure. An infected tooth will send painful shockwaves inside the mouth that will not go away. Putting off treatment to the affected tooth can lead to further infection and the loss of the tooth. Since missing teeth need to be replaced, you will then face the expense and time required for getting a dental implant. It is a domino effect that can cause irreversible damage.

During a root canal, the inside of a tooth is cleaned out to remove the infected tooth pulp. The area is then treated with medication to eliminate any lingering bacteria. Next, the tooth is filled with a specialized material that will support the tooth and prevent future bacterial infection. Lastly, a custom crown will be placed over the tooth to restore the tooth’s integrity and strength.

If you are suffering from tooth pain, do not put off calling ConfiDenT. We offer state-of-the-art dental care in a comfortable atmosphere. Root canal therapy is combined with modern anesthetics to relieve your pain.

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