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Dental floss

Your teeth are valuable assets, yet many people take their teeth for granted. One of the most common ways the people neglect their teeth is by not flossing every day. Occasionally missing a day here and there is understandable, but if you do not make flossing an integral part of your oral health care routine, then you are not protecting your teeth on all sides.

Dental floss is the only dental tool that is able to get into the tight spaces of the teeth to remove particles that are trapped and to scrape away plaque. Every day, there are millions of oral bacteria inside your mouth that are at work to break down the “leftovers” from the meals you ate and the beverages you drank. As with all types of bacteria, oral bacteria thrive in the spaces where they are not easily eradicated. The tight spaces between your teeth provide the best atmosphere for bacteria to destroy your teeth. “Flossing cavities,” or interproximal cavities, are caused by harmful, bacteria-laden bacteria located between the teeth.

It is essential that you floss your teeth. Flossing cavities are almost 100% avoidable by simply making flossing a daily habit. Flossing your teeth takes approximately one minute of your time, before bed. One minute out of your day can keep your smile healthy – it’s worth it.

Brushing the teeth is not enough when it comes to oral hygiene. Toothbrush bristles are not designed to fit into the tight spaces between the teeth, thus they cannot clean all sides of the teeth. Even the most avid tooth-brushers can still be shocked to learn that they have cavities when they go to the dentist.

At ConfiDenT, our entire dental practice is built around keeping your smile at its healthiest. If you want to learn more about the importance of flossing or need to learn how to floss effectively, contact our practice today. We are more than happy to help anyone learn how to better protect their smile against cavities and decay!

Our practice accepts most dental insurance plans, so call today to schedule your appointment.

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