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There are many changes that can occur to teeth over a lifetime. Teeth can be lost, and others can shift or become decayed or damaged, creating a smile that is undesirable. At ConfiDENT, we have helped many patients restore their smiles and give them new confidence. It is our goal to create beautiful, healthy smiles while providing a comfortable atmosphere for our patients. Here is one of our patients’ stories about how Dr. Cesar and our dental team changed his smile and his overall dental experience.

His “Homeless” Smile

In a patient testimonial video, one of our patients revealed his story regarding his experience at ConfiDENT. He begins by explaining he had just moved to Georgia and was looking for a new dentist. He chose ConfiDENT and he said that from the first visit, he was so impressed with the friendly staff, top-notch technology and the clean, beautiful office. When he first came to see Dr. Cesar at ConfiDENT, Dr. Cesar asked him what he thought of his smile. The patient admitted that it was “pretty disgusting” and that other dentists had told him in the past that it looked like a homeless person’s smile.

During his visit, Dr. Caesar went over a treatment plan to restore his smile. He admits it took a few visits to complete his new smile, but as he smiles for the camera, he says his new smile is “night and day” from what it looked like before. He is obviously ecstatic about his new smile as he laughs and jokes with the office staff in his patient testimonial video.

A Fun Dental Office

After talking about how ConfiDENT changed his smile, this patient goes on to talk about how “fun” it is to come to our office. He explains that he has been to many different dentists over his lifetime, but ConfiDENT staff makes visits fun, which makes it relaxing to come in for his dental care. He goes on to say as long as he is here, ConfiDENT will be his dentist.

We Want to Be Your Dentist

At ConfiDENT, hearing happy tales from our patients is why we do what we do. It is our goal to make dental care not only effective in the treatment of oral health and dental aesthetic issues but also fun and relaxing for our patients. Our staff is dedicated to providing excellent care for every patient who walks through our door. We invest in the latest technology and utilize innovative methods to provide efficient and lasting dental treatments, whether you need major restorative dentistry or a smile makeover.

If you live or work in the Alpharetta or Cumming, GA, area and want to have a phenomenal dental experience, come see our team at ConfiDENT. Call either office in Alpharetta or Cumming to schedule your first visit and see why we are the area’s best dentist.

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