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Are you constantly aware of your teeth and worried about how they impact your appearance? So many people live with teeth that cause them embarrassment when they could have a beautiful smile. If you press your lips together when you smile or keep quiet in social situations to avoid showing your teeth, it is time to look into cosmetic dentistry. At ConfiDENT, LLC, we provide stunning smile makeovers at our dental center in Alpharetta, GA.

Common Cosmetic Smile Flaws

One of our patients told us that he had people tell him he looked like a homeless man due to his teeth. He laughs about it now that he has a beautiful new smile after his makeover, but he is certainly not alone when it comes to feeling self-conscious about his teeth. Whether you just have a couple issues you want resolved or a laundry list of concerns, a smile makeover can fix your cosmetic issues. Common smile flaws we fix with smile makeovers include:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Stained, dark or discolored teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Crooked or gapped teeth
  • Uneven or pointy teeth
  • Metal fillings or restorations

Some patients can come in for a same-day smile makeover and walk out with a new smile. Teeth whitening with ZOOM, same-day crowns, same-day veneers, tooth repairs and dental bonding all can be performed in one visit to our office. If you have missing teeth or alignment issues, it may require more than one visit to complete all your treatments, but we will ensure that you obtain the smile you deserve.

Boost Your Confidence with a New Smile

When you love your smile, it can change your life. You feel more confident in professional and personal interactions when you are not worried about someone noticing your missing tooth or yellowish teeth. At ConfiDENT, LLC, we love working with our patients that are ready to obtain their best smile. Our state-of-the-art dental center has the latest dental technology, and you will always receive patient-centric care from Dr. Cesar and the rest of our dental team. Call our clinic in Alpharetta, GA to schedule your smile makeover consultation.

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