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Many adults will at some point need to have wisdom teeth removed for optimal oral health. This preventive procedure can protect your oral health from serious health complications in the future. Full recovery can take weeks, but you may resume normal activities within a couple days. There are a few things you can do to speed the healing process. Here are three tips to help you achieve a faster recovery after wisdom teeth removal.

Apply Pressure with Gauze

After wisdom teeth removal, it is vital to protect the natural formation of blood clots while the area is healing. Applying pressure by biting down gently on clean gauze can help these clots form faster so surrounding gum tissue can close the wound effectively. Moisten the gauze first with water before you put it on the extraction site. This can help prevent dry sockets from dislodged blood clots. Keep the gauze in place for about five minutes or until the bleeding stops. Repeat if necessary.

Cool to Reduce Swelling

For the first few days after wisdom teeth removal, you may experience swelling that may cause discomfort. You can use an ice pack or cold compress on your cheeks for about 20 minutes at a time to get relief. Give the area 20 minutes to rest before applying the ice pack or compress again. Complete this process often during the first two days after the procedure.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Keeping your mouth clean after wisdom teeth removal is essential to prevent infection and help you heal faster. Brush your teeth slowly and gently so blood clots do not dislodge. Your dentist may give you specific instructions to follow for gentle and safe cleaning. You may need to rinse your mouth with salt water a few times a day for the first few days, especially after meals.

Comprehensive Wisdom Teeth Removal in Georgia

Wisdom teeth removal can be a safe and effective procedure to prevent infection and other serious health complications. ConfiDENT offers a comprehensive range of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures for families in Alpharetta, Georgia. With exceptional personalized care, you can achieve a healthy smile and boost your overall health. Call to request an appointment today.

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