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Happy Holidays

The holiday season is a busy time full of family and friend gatherings. Sugary treats lurk around every corner and a toll can be paid both on your waistline and oral health. No one puts a cavity on their gift list, but the excess sugar can lead to more plaque, tartar and tooth decay. This holiday season, protect your smile while enjoying the treats and festivities. Here are a few holiday hacks to keep your smile happy and healthy during this sweet season.

Brush and Floss Before Bed

Most people are great about brushing their teeth in the morning to rid the mouth of bad breath, but not everyone brushes before bedtime. With more sugary treats to enjoy, bedtime brushing is more important than ever. Allowing sugar to stay on the teeth overnight can allow bacteria, plaque and decay to flourish. Make sure everyone in the house is brushing and flossing before bedtime to protect your family’s smiles.

Forego the Candy Canes

There are plenty of goodies to eat during the holidays, but one of the most iconic is the candy cane. These red and white swirls are pretty, but they are pure sugar and not a good choice for your teeth. Try to minimize candy intake and consider saying no to sucking on a sugary candy cane this year.

Increase Your Water Intake

From sweet eggnog and dessert wines to cookies and candy, the holiday season is constantly serving up sugar. Between snacks, make sure to drink plain water to rinse away the sugar and clear the bacteria from your teeth. You still need to brush at least twice a day, but water can reduce the sugar effects in between.

Choose the Cheese

Most holiday parties will have plenty of sweets, but they almost always have a variety of cheeses, too. If you like a nice slice of cheese, this can be a better choice for your holiday snack. Not only does cheese have calcium to strengthen your bones and teeth, but it also helps produce more saliva and an alkaline reaction to combat the acidity on your teeth.

Schedule Your End-of-Year Cleaning

If it has been over six months since your last teeth cleaning, now is the time to schedule an end-of-year cleaning. A thorough cleaning right after the holidays is perfect to remove any plaque or tartar and prevent cavities from forming.

At ConfiDENT in Alpharetta, GA, we want to wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season. Give us a call to schedule your next checkup, especially if you still have insurance benefits to use for 2021. Happy holidays!

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