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Invisible clear aligners

At ConfiDENT, we utilize a variety of types of mouthpieces to help protect and create your perfect smile and your dental health

Types of mouthpieces we use at ConfiDENT for your benefit

  1. Invisalign and SureSmile dental aligners – clear aligners that are a great alternative to metal braces.
  2. Occlusal Guard – a night guard or bite guard designed to effectively shield your teeth while you sleep and prevent the damage that bruxism can cause.

Whether you’re trying to correct or protect your teeth with one of these devices, it’s important to know how to keep it functioning at its optimal potential.

Care for your mouthpiece

  1. Keep it clean and bacteria-free. Always rinse and brush your mouthpiece after you take it out and before you put it back in to avoid the build up of bacteria.
  2. Keep your mouthpiece away from your dog. For some strange reason your dog is attracted to your saliva and your mouthpiece may appear to be a nice chew toy for Fido. Keep it out of reach of the pets!
  3. If your mouthpiece is altered in any way, bring it into ConfiDent immediately so we can ensure that it can function at its optimal ability.
  4. If your mouthpiece begins to feel too snug or too loose, come in and have it looked at by our professionals at ConfiDENT.
  5. Always go by the general guideline that if your mouthpiece is not in your mouth, it must be in its designated container. Do not wrap it in a napkin or put it in a random spot where it will be forgotten or lost. Set it in a designated spot so you won’t forget it. “Set it so you won’t forget it!”

Book your dental appointment with our caring dental professionals at ConfiDENT. We look forward to seeing you in our office.

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