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Have you seen or heard all of the funny quotes about the holiday season and stress? They’re quite funny, and we probably find them funny because they’re so true! Superfastdiet.com capitalizes on the holiday stress that is synonymous with the start of December. Here are just a few of their funny quotes.

“I’m only one pudding away from a yuletide meltdown.”

“It’s beginning to look a lot like busy.”

How can it be that the season that is supposed to be surrounded by joy and cheer is riddled with stress and unhappiness? The pressures of gift giving, family tensions, and travels can add a great deal of tension to the season.

Our dental professionals at ConfiDENT would like to remind you to protect your teeth from damage due to stress during this season. Did you know that if you experience stress during the day, you could be unknowingly damaging your teeth at night due to bruxism (clenching and/or grinding) of your teeth?

Night guards are an effective tool for protecting your teeth from the harmful habit of nighttime tooth grinding. This habit can lead to headaches, jaw and tooth pain and damage. If you continue grinding your teeth it can cause your enamel of your teeth to be removed and can lead to chipping and cracking. In addition to that, lost tooth enamel can lead to a higher risk of tooth decay.

If you’re experiencing nighttime grinding for any reason, including holiday stress, come see our caring dental professionals at ConfiDENT today. We will help fit you into a custom night guard to protect your teeth, your smile and your dental health!

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