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For years, missing teeth were replaced with dentures or fixed bridges. Today, the gold standard of tooth replacement is the dental implant. Beautiful smiles and self-confidence are restored with the security, functionality and natural looking appeal of dental implants. With proper maintenance, your dental implants can last decades. BLAST Laser Dental Implant Maintenance helps ensure your dental implants remain healthy.

What is BLAST?

This treatment uses a dental laser device to focus light which cleans and sanitizes the site. The laser beam is focused precisely on the area where the implant is going to be placed and kills harmful bacteria which could cause infection or slow healing time. Healthy tissue near the implant area is not affected. This method reduces the amount of discomfort you will feel as the implant area is prepared.

Faster Healing

When BLAST is used in the dental implant process, the tissues involved are not as traumatized as they would be using traditional methods of preparation. Traumatized tissue bleeds more and the healing process is longer. In this sensitive state, it can also become more prone to infection. BLAST Laser Dental Implant Maintenance provides a more precise method of preparing the implant site with minimal trauma to the tissues.

There is less bleeding since the BLAST laser encourages the blood to clot. The laser also sterilizes the area that is being prepped. Harmful bacteria in the area are killed off and this minimizes the incidence of developing an infection, which could cause the implant to fail.

Using the BLAST laser may also eliminate the need for sutures in some instances. Prepping the site using the laser technique shortens the length of the overall procedure. When sutures are not required, the implant site can heal faster.

A More Comfortable Experience

BLAST Laser Dental Implant Maintenance can also reduce the need for anesthetic for some patients. With shorter time for preparing the implant site, faster time for healing and less trauma to the tissues involved, this treatment provides you with a more comfortable experience. The shortened downtime also means that you will be able to use your teeth and mouth normally faster than with the traditional methods.

Missing teeth need to be replaced for optimal oral health. At ConfiDENT, we offer a comprehensive and comfortable means of restoration. Call us today to schedule your consultation appointment and let us help you get your smile looking beautiful again.

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