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Many people don’t realize how self-consciousness affects their entire lives. Yet, when you begin to dig deeper into what affects your own self-confidence, you may find that even the smallest area can negatively impact your life. Take your smile, for example. Your smile makes up a small portion of your entire body, yet if you feel self-conscious about imperfections with your smile, it can influence your life. If you do not smile easily, people may mistake you for being unkind or grumpy. If you constantly cover your mouth when you speak or laugh, people may notice this as a bad habit. Whatever your reasons for feeling self-conscious about your smile, there are options to help you gain the confidence you need.

Dental bonding is a simple yet very effective cosmetic procedure that can be used to improve your smile’s appearance. Dental bonding can correct the following aesthetic concerns:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Discolored teeth that are resistant to teeth whitening
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Teeth that are “small” and do not fit in with your other teeth
  • Dental bonding can also be used in place of amalgam fillings

The process of dental bonding is relatively painless and straightforward. At your appointment, the tooth (or teeth) that will be treated will be coated with an etching liquid that will roughen up the tooth’s surface. A composite resin material that has been color-matched to your natural teeth will be applied and molded to correct any imperfection in your smile. Once the resin material is shaped, a special curing light will be used to harden the material so that it bonds with the natural tooth. Lastly, the resin will be polished so that it matches the luster of your natural teeth. Dental bonding will ensure that your aesthetic improvement is natural-looking and durable for everyday function.

If you have an aesthetic concern with your smile that is threatening your confidence, contact ConfiDenT today. We have treatment options to fit your specific budget and timeline. You are just one call away from a beautiful smile!

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