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Patient Testimonial: How ConfiDENT Changed This Man’s Smile

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There are many changes that can occur to teeth over a lifetime. Teeth can be lost, and others can shift or become decayed or damaged, creating a smile that is undesirable. At ConfiDENT, we have helped many patients restore their smiles and give them new confidence. It is our goal to create beautiful, healthy smiles… Continue reading

Why Better Oral Health Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Afro0American happy girl with perfect smile holding a bengal light at New Year's party.

Committing to better oral health can significantly impact overall well-being, making it a worthwhile New Year’s resolution. While resolutions often revolve around fitness or career goals, prioritizing oral health can yield numerous benefits for both your mouth and body, ultimately contributing to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Benefits of Improved Oral Health Oral health is… Continue reading

No Insurance? Consider the Benefits of Our Dental Membership Plan

ConfiDent Dr. Cesar Tapia

Dental care is a vital component of overall health and well-being, but the absence of dental insurance can pose a significant barrier to accessing necessary treatment. For individuals without insurance, dental membership plans offer an alternative and cost-effective solution. At ConfiDENT Dental, we offer a comprehensive dental membership that can provide the following excellent benefits… Continue reading

How LAPIP Can Save Failing Dental Implants

Happy man in a dental chair looking at his perfect smile achieved with dental implants in a mirror.

Dental implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry by providing a long-term solution for individuals with missing teeth. They are known for their durability and natural appearance, making them an excellent choice for restoring smiles. However, like any medical procedure, dental implants are not immune to complications or potential issues. In some cases, dental implants… Continue reading

Extraordinary Benefits of Dental Implants

A man pointing at his perfect teeth holding a model of dental implant in the other hand.

Dental implants are the platinum standard in restorative dentistry. Dental implants are permanent solution when someone may be missing one or more teeth. The implant connects directly to your jawbone like a natural tooth root, which supports the tooth restorations. Each implant is attached to an abutment that can support various tooth restorations like crowns… Continue reading

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