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Missing school can be challenging for teens. Missed assignments and lessons can be hard to make up. Teenagers often choose to go to school while they’re sick to avoid all the make-up work from a missed day or two.

A standard procedure many school-age students may require is wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth removal is typically recommended for patients 17 -25. School and wisdom teeth removal often coincide. For this reason, you may consider scheduling your child’s wisdom teeth removal over a break, such as our upcoming Spring Break.

Most patients who have their wisdom teeth removed can resume regular activities within 2 to 3 days after this simple oral surgery. The speed of recovery is dependent on many factors. One crucial element is how well you care for your patient post-surgery.

3 Wise Ways To Help Your Teen’s Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal

  1. Clear Your Schedule – Make sure your child has a schedule that is free from activities. He will need to rest and recover comfortably in your home. Trying to do too much, too soon could compromise the rate of recovery and the results of the surgery.
  2. Follow Post-Surgical Instructions Carefully – After your surgery, our caring dental staff will provide you with detailed post-surgical instructions. Make sure you read those carefully and ask any clarifying questions that you may have about following through with them.
  3. Attend Your Follow-Up Appointment – After the surgery, you will need to bring your child in for an appointment. Our expert specialists will carefully inspect the mouth to ensure that everything looks good.

If you or your child needs wisdom teeth removal, call ConfiDENT today.

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