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Hippity Hoppity, Easter’s On Its Way!

Easter is on Sunday, April 21 this year. Are you getting ready for all the festivities that surround this special day? Are the bowties bought and dresses pressed? If you haven’t ventured to the store to buy Easter treats yet, let our team at ConfiDENT provide you with some helpful tips that will keep Easter fun and your teeth healthy.

The Problem With Candy

Choosing candy to fill Easter eggs is a bad idea for your child’s dental health. The sugar in candy plays a role in tooth decay. Hard candies tend to stay in the mouth longer and can increase the risk for tooth decay. Sticky candies cling to the teeth for more extended periods and increase the risk of tooth decay as well. To see how much sugar is in common candies, you can view it here by Insider.

Alternatives To Sugary Easter Candy For The Easter Eggs

1. Sugarless gum
2. Stick on tattoos
3. Stickers
4. Dark chocolate
5. Legos
6. Hair ribbons
7. Coins
8. Small action figures
9. Mini pretzels
10. Erasers

Filling The Easter Basket

If you’re looking for an item to fill your kids’ Easter baskets, we have some ideas for you. Why not get a new, fun toothbrush with their favorite character on it? Another fun idea is to buy a snuggly animal or doll to accompany your child to the bathroom each time they care for their teeth. They will have an instant audience every time they perform their essential daily habits of brushing and flossing. Lastly, why not consider buying a small step stool for your child so he can reach the sink all by himself and rinse and spit like a big boy!

Our team at ConfiDENT would like to wish you a happy Easter! In addition to these preventive steps you can take, you should also book regular checkups and cleanings as an essential component of your family’s preventive dental plan. Hop on in and see us today!

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