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Cerec Primemill

ConfiDENT’s milling equipment, the CEREC® Primemill, has elevated chairside dental restorations to a new level. Its cutting-edge technology allows for the rapid production of repairs made from a wide variety of materials with high precision and minimal effort. This piece of CEREC technology is the most advanced system of its kind, delivering unparalleled quality, aesthetics and convenience.

CEREC Primemill Ensures Quality

CEREC Primemill is an innovative new addition to the CEREC series that enables dentists to give their patients exceptional in-office care. The machine uses high-tech hardware and CAD/CAM techniques to make high-quality restorations in-office more streamlined, quick and accurate.

High Precision Delivers Top-Notch Aesthetics

You will not need us to take messy putty impressions of your teeth because we can scan them instead. This not only improves comfort but also provides more accurate results. CEREC machines use CAD technology to make an exact copy of your tooth that is the same size and shape as your original tooth.

The Convenience of a Single Dental Visit

Dental restorations like veneers, crowns and bridges have traditionally been fabricated in a dental lab located off-site, which has required patients to schedule two separate appointments for the procedure. But modern technology, like the CEREC Primemill machine, makes it possible for Dr. Cesar Tapia to provide patients with the convenience of a single visit. When this machine is in the hands of a dentist who is so well-trained and experienced, you can expect great results right away.

Furthermore, employing CEREC technology eliminates the need for temporary restorations or complications from multiple sessions and immediately provides a permanent dental solution. For example, we can restore a broken tooth with a crown on the same day, ensuring a perfect fit from the start. In cases of a dental emergency when time is of the essence or patients with hectic schedules, same-day restorations can be a real blessing.

What Is the Process of CEREC Primemill?

CEREC devices use sophisticated 3D imaging software to create lifelike dental replicas:

  • Dr. Tapia will use the CEREC machine to take X-rays and pictures of your mouth to produce a 3D model.
  • CAD software then highlights model components that need fixing.
  • The data is sent to the milling machine, which carves the dental replacement out of a ceramic block.
  • Lastly, color matching makes the piece look like your natural teeth.

On average, the CEREC machine only needs 20 minutes to finish the procedure. Meanwhile, we will prepare you for the implantation of the restoration. After the CEREC machine has manufactured the necessary component, Dr. Tapia will finish the repair and give you care instructions.

If you require dental restoration services, you want a dentist that uses the CEREC Primemill machine. We are proud to use this machine at ConfiDENT and look forward to using it to give you the best possible dental care. Contact us to schedule an appointment by calling (770) 772-0994, contacting us online or visiting our office.

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